Nike Foamposite Volt

Posted: Dec 08 2014

Okay, I'm going to be 100000% honest I love Foamposites so so so so so much but I've never bought a pair deadstock before and I always wanted to but my MOM HATES THEM so she like literally refuses to allow me to spend money on them. I had a pair of the Dr. Doom ones back in like 2007 but they were too small and ended uo being too painful too keep because they are... lets say not soft at all on the feet haha BUT! I will.... and I WILL GET THESE I promise I will I JUST HATE how expensive these shoes are.... Retail price is gatdam like $200 and it pains me because I'm cheap as hell. But anyway... I just wanted to share these because hello I am in love. Best shoes to come out this holiday season. They release on December 24th and hopefully my jewish-ness will help me get a leg up on the hypebeasts and cop on time. 

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