Anime Highlight: Parasyte: The Maxim

Posted: Dec 08 2014

Hey guys, here at ADEEN we OBVIOUSLY are huge anime fans (geeks) and we are going to be doing highlights on some of our favorite and most influential anime's to us. TODAY we are going to start with Parasyte: The Maxim! A fairly new anime done by MadHouse animation studio, the same people who did the amazing job on Hunter x Hunter (2011 version). Its based on the 1990 manga and let me tell you.... its amazing and gross and poppin and just really really good. Its a very unique sci-fi horror action combo and the animation for the series is exactly what you expect from a MADHouse cartoon, fluid and beautiful. It doesn't do much for me on the inspiration side but as far as just a good show to watch, this is perfect one to get hooked on. I don't want to get into too much because I just want you to watch it, so just check out some gifs and images and a trailer! 



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