Digimon Back!?

Posted: Dec 13 2014

Digimon celebrated its 15th anniversary back in August and the bosses over at Digimon HQ announced not just a new season of the series, but a reboot/sequel of the first season! A continuation of the original series and characters, just older! It follows Tai and the rest of the Digidestined into high school as 17 year olds and I guess whatever danger they encounter! I'm SOOOOO excited for this because Digimon was really the first thing that I was absolutely OBSESSED with! I had all of the cards because the illustrations and characters were so cool and not kiddy at all. They had weapons and were mechanized and looked evil and dangerous. The cartoon was the only real kid like aspect to the series as a whole, but it worked because it was geared towards a younger audience. It made you feel cool because YOU could be a digidestined! Check out a preview of the drawing style and characters older look! Also some of the Digimon that inspire me to this day!

Digimon tri. Coming in 2015!!!!

Check these cool guys out though!

Inspiration for DAYS! There are thousands of Digimon :') I'm so happy its coming back!

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