Posted: Dec 15 2014

Welcome to #ADEENARTISTHIGHLIGHT! Here at ADEEN we feel it important to highlight young talent and give everyone an opportunity to be seen and share their gifts with the rest of the world! We wouldn't be here if it weren't for people giving us those same platforms and opportunities to be seen! So with the #AAH we're going to be showing our favorite artists we've either worked with or want to work with! 

For our very first #AAH we're going to be showing you the talents of Kacey Kal! An amazing young artist from Detroit who specializes in graphic work, but does amazing things to videos, on paper, with paint and pretty much anything you can think of! His cartoony fun colorful style meshes well with ours at ADEEN so you know we'd be fans right away. What we especially love about Kacey is his signature eyeball character he uses in just about every piece of art and the way he switches it up is really creative and great. He's done a lot of work with us in the past and you can definitely count on us working with him more in the future! Check out his work below and also his instagram and his tumblr for more!

And if anyone else would like to send their art to be featured on the blog email rembrandt.duran@adeenyc.com with a sample or two of your work and a link to the rest of it! Wether it be graphic art or photography or fine art or contemporary art or even video! Show us! 

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