#ADEENMOODBOARD! SNK King Of Fighter's Characters

Posted: Dec 20 2014

Hey all! Been SUPER busy rushing around the city trying to get samples finished for in time market week before my manufacturers close for 2 weeks for the holidays so I haven't had MUCH time to blog or post on instagram! My bad! BUT! I'm back with the first of the ADEEN Mood Board posts where I'll be posting my sources of inspiration for my upcoming collections of clothing for ADEEN, the Volumes. Today's is allllll about one of my favorite video game franchises SNK King of Fighters! They're allllll about the TIGHT or CROPPED tops and jackets and more wide legged or boot cut pants/trousers and HONESTLY??? I fucking love it. Its completely opposite of whats popular right now in fashion and its definitely getting my brain moving and working and its inspiring me to all types of new heights haha I HATE whats cool right now all this super oversized BS is really frustrating because its not even new or like forward moving as far as fashion goes its just so tired and I need a shift I need a change I need something to counter that. ANYWAY I'm just ranting now! Check out my fave characters in all their beautiful style!

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