#ADEENANIMENEWS! Assassination Classroom & Yu-Gi-Oh!

Posted: Dec 23 2014

SO! I'm combining the dual exciting anime news this week into one post. 

First off we have the SUPER interesting looking show Assassination Classroom from Shonen Jump, which is a manga that is QUICKLY gaining popularity and is now getting its own anime version! I've only seen a few previews of the anime and read a brief summary but I'm super super excited to watch it when it comes out! Check out the full extended preview of the show thats coming early 2015!

The second part of the exciting anime news is that the Yu-Gi-Oh! Movie has gotten an official key image and brief teaser to whats to come from the movie!!!! I'M SO EXCITED BECAUSE KAIBA AND YUGI LOOK SOOOOO GOOD REDRAWN YES YES YES YES ok here!!!!

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