Posted: Jan 01 2015

I could write forever on how incredibly amazing this man is and I'll most likely do multiple posts on this man but he is the #1 biggest inspiration in my life right now. Every time I see more of this mans artwork I do a #GayGasp and clutch my pearls and my eyes light up and get sparkles in them. The attention to detail in his character design and just the artistry in general is breathtaking. He's been writing and illustrating JoJo's Bizarre Adventure for 25 years now and its more and more amazing as time goes on. Here are some amazing HQ images of some of his illustrations that REALLY touch me. From costume design to character design to color to just EVERYTHING hahaha please get into Hirohiko Araki the master of mixing fashion and anime and art PERFECTLY. Bonus points if you can point out the Bruce Weber for Versace reference. 

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