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Posted: Jan 25 2015

OKAY! So there are about a million different pairs of sneakers out right now and coming up that I am absolutely in LOVE with and I want to buy and wear and lick the soles of because UGH!!!!!! Heres a look at shoes that are coming out in the near future that I have my eyes on and then we'll look at the ones that are available for purchase now that if I had unlimited $$$$ I'd buy immediately. 

Coming out soon are THE SUPER COOL RICK OWENS ADIDAS F/W SHOES AND I AM IN LOVE WITH THEM?????? They look so weird/cool but i'm sad because I KNOW they will be like 1000+ at least which means I WON'T be getting them lol but the Balenciaga's are cool I guess, they're interesting so I added them but not a cop for me, the Red Nike's are a DEFF try on and wait on pair I need to see how they look ya know? Last but not least the shell top multi colored Adidas shell tops, are REAL cool (despite them being adidas shell tops AND pharrells shoes....) and I might be getting me a pink pair because they have some beautiful colors available!

And now for the shoes that are out and available for purchase now!!!!!! There are too many to talk about individually but just look and oggle and be amazed and drool because I definitely did that too.....

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