Selfridges Drops "Mens" & "Womens" Departments; Goes Gender Neutral

Posted: Jan 29 2015

A luxury department store in London will forgo gender stereotypes and provide only unisex clothing on at least three of its floors, the Daily Mail reports.

Along with launching five new lines of gender-neutral clothing, Selfridges will be removing gender indicators like signage, traditional departments for men and women, gendered mannequins and advertising that that targets one gender specifically.

According to Selfridges buyers, the decision comes after the company noticed an uptick in the number of consumers who preferred a gender neutral environment.

“We want to take our customers on a journey where they can shop and dress without limitations or stereotypes,” a representative told The U.K. Times. “A space where clothing is no longer imbued with directive gender values, enabling fashion to exist as a purer expression of ‘self.”

While a majority of commenters claim the move will be “bad for business” and “a huge mistake,” fashion industry insiders say “agender” clothing will be the next big trend:

Jane Shepper, chief executive of Whistles which has collaboration with Swedish company Stutterheim to create unisex raincoats, said the line between men and womenswear was becoming blurred.

‘A lot of our men’s collection influences our women’s and vice versa,’ she added." via NewNowNext

Now this is amazing! I think this could be the next big move for fashion and is a sign of times to come, hopefully. We at ADEEN have always felt it silly for clothing to be an identifier exclusively for a certain gender, because at the end of the day just because something is masculine or feminine does not make it any less for men, or for women. Clothes shouldn't be like that and stripping clothing of their gender identifiers would help break many harmful narratives of sexual identity, but even more so what people think makes someone a man a man, and what makes a woman a woman. I think this is an incredibly brave thing to do and I'm sure people are calling it bad business, but I think it won't do anything but make people feel more comfortable shopping for things they like. I'm sure Selfridges knows their customer better than anyone else and wouldn't make a decision like this without properly feeling it would be a good thing. I'm proud of this very bold move by Selfridges and I'm even prouder to be apart of the Selfridges family! Make sure if you're shopping in London you check out their store and pick up some ADEEN stuff!!!



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