Videos From Times Past

Posted: Jan 31 2015

Wooooo I've been finding a WHOLE lot of old photos and videos from back in the EARLY days of ADEEN and even times before ADEEN even started! Not many of you may remember but before ADEEN there was Red Ribbon Army! With Red Ribbon Army came my confidence to able to start making actual product to sell for ADEEN! Red Ribbon Army was just a group of my friends I brought together that I thought dressed well and we would have little photoshoots to express our different senses of styles from each of our respective neighborhoods in NYC. The members were Myself (Remy), Guy Wolfe, Carlton Yaito, Stanley STEEL, Hector Gonzalez, Chris Stylez & Chris Bermudez. We've all since ventured out into our own stuff but we had a decent following when we ended things and we had a LOT of fun doing what we were doing. Luckily we had a camera man around for most of the stuff we did! Check out some of the videos I rediscovered from back then, and then of course some of the old classic videos from the ADEEN brand! All of the videos courtesy of NUNNIE'S WORLD of course!


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