Posted: Feb 17 2015

Today we totally have our fashion icons & people who inspire young people to dress a certain way & move the culture forward. But today's fashion icons are how do I say.... Boring as hell??? There is no GLAMOUR unless its when the musical acts are on tour or its for the red carpet and even THEN they're still very EH! People are afraid to be crazy or WILD or take a risk. Back in the 2000's and 90's the Divas were all about FLARE and BIG fashion and GLAMOUR! People like Foxy Brown, Lil Kim, J. Lo and R&B/Pop group Blaque all are some of my absolute favorite Iconic Fashion Diva's from back in the day. Lil Kim might be an obvious one to some of you but I truly feel like the rest are dreadfully underrated, ESPECIALLY Blaque, who some people don't even know about! I first discovered who Blaque was when Bring It On! (lowkey all time favorite movie ever tbh!) came out and they were on the Compton Clover's cheerleading team. They had stand out roles and when I heard "As If" play during the movie I INSTANTLY had to look up who sang it. Low and behold it was the same girls from the movie. From then on I was in love with their music and their look and just everything about them that was SOOO Pop-y about them but still kept it very much "them" at the same time, and didn't white wash their look or sound. They kept the style, the soul & the swagger about them, but I guess we weren't ready for them because they never really POPPED, despite having an N'SYNC feature. But their visuals and album covers were super iconic and fun to me. Although Lil Kim's music never TOUCHED me like that, I've been a fan ever since How Many Licks with SisQo came out. That was the first video of hers I really paid attention to & from there I was like wow she can serve some damn looks! But for some reason I just kept my admiration for her very lowkey. UNLIKE Lil Kim, my love and admiration for Foxy Brown was allll the way there. I thought Foxy Brown was super cool, and she was a total badass but, smoother and cooler, than a lot of other female rappers at the time. She reminded me kind of like a girl version of Mase, and her music just kind of touched me more. She made one of my favorite 3 songs of all times in Fly With Me ft Sizzla. I guess I feel like Foxy's outfits were more real? In the sense that it didn't come off as costumey as a lot of Kim's did. But last but not least we have J. Lo who I've been in love with ever since Selena came out. I mean.... What Mexican didn't love J. Lo after Selena haha After that I just was not only in lust but in love with her and her style, but hadn't quite realized it yet. J. Lo to me is one of those people I look back in retrospect like wow she didn't just have style she pulled iconic looks! As one of the only visible urban Latina celebrities we've had she is super important and I'm glad shes as iconic as she is! Take a look at my favorite looks! 

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  • Posted by ileana on February 17, 2015

    I remember Blaque ;) so many good looks here, I’m loving j lo in her cowboy hat and crop top ?

    unrelated, but I’m assuming from this post that you are Mexican and that makes me like you even more<3 haha :)

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