Rembrandt Duran for Nico Panda F/W '15!

Posted: Feb 28 2015

So this fashion season I did some designing OUTSIDE of ADEEN for the first time (officially) at another brand! I was asked to help out with the hat designs for Nico Panda's F/W '15 collection and I honestly had a really really amazing time doing it! Its a really unique and mind opening experience designing for another brand, which in turn helped me in my own designing. To take someone else's themes and inspirations and use them to create something that will still look like their aesthetic, but still keeping it very much your own design (which is the reason someone is hiring you) is a fun challenge. You use inspirations that you wouldn't normally be inspired by which makes your mind work in ways you wouldn't normally work it. You in turn become inspired for your own pieces because you're looking at this you would never have thought to look up. Its a really great feeling and by now I already know I'm just being redundant so let me just show you the look book images with the hats I designed from Nico Panda's website (full look book in the link please check it out Andreas & Tyler & Nicola really did an amazing job this season!)!

And here are some behind the scenes up close ones I took right after I had the samples made! 

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