Master & Dynamic Headphones Are Amazing

Posted: Mar 02 2015

So the other day I was minding my business making my daily runs around the city and I get a text from a good friend of mine who happens to have a new cool job she had spoken to me about not too long ago. She asked me to check out these headphones and if I HAD to pick anything from the website which was my favorite. So of course me being me, I picked the prettiest ones from the collaboration they did with Proenza Schouler (who happens to be one of my favorite designer brands). Well it was those or the earbud style headphones because, they happen to be more convenient to wear with any type of hat... BUT I ultimately said due to the design and cuteness that the Proenza ones were my faves! AND JUST SO HAPPENS THAT SHE TOLD ME I COULD COME GET A PAIR!? LIKE???? How amazing of a friend is she!!! So I go and visit her at the Master & Dynamic offices and she introduces me to everyone there! Honestly I've never met a nicer group of people at an office setting before, everyone from the graphics person, to the Bossman was super super welcoming and nice. It was that real humbling nice too, not some kind of just cordial formalities niceness you usually get (which isn't bad but this was above and beyond that). Not only was I given an amazing gift of some AMAZING headphones but I was welcomed and made to feel like I was valued as a part of their family. It was something you don't usually find too often in certain brands and companies, and I know if they treat me this well they have to treat every one of their employees just as well. But besides how nice the people who work for Master & Dynamic were the headphones themselves are just as amazing. The sound quality is great, the ear muffs are comfortable as hell (as well as magnetically attachable so that if the leather wears out you can replace them with no trouble) and the headphones have a fabric outer layer so they are tangle free. These babies are truly an upgrade to the headphones I used to wear of a similar competing brand who shall remain nameless lol heres some pics from my visit to the office and a few detail shots of the headphones themselves! Also peep how cool my new ADEEN hat is hehehe 

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