Frieza Goes Super Saiyan?!

Posted: Mar 02 2015

In the new trailer for the upcoming Dragon Ball Z movie we get a WHOLE flurry of new information! At first when we saw the theme for this movie we thought Frieza? What the hell is Frieza going to do? Especially since at the current time in the DBZ timeline we're post Majin Buu, pre Dragon Ball GT (which sucked btw ok I hated it the only good parts were Super Android 17 and Super Saiyan 4) where everyone could just about reach Super Saiyan 3. Not only that but Goku had JUST reached Super Saiyan God after fighting Birus (I HATE THE NAME BILLS) and losing so it didn't make much sense. But now in this new trailer we see Frieza transcend his 100% Full Power form by going gold! Much like how Saiyans do when they go Super Saiyan! In the trailer we see Goku fighting this new and improved Frieza but he doesn't transform into any elevated fighting state, which must mean hes undergoing some kind of training (especially obvious since we see him in a new uniform which always represents his current teacher). We also see Vegeta come in at the end which could mean hes going to be the one to beat Frieza by going Super Saiyan God! Which would be amazing because lets be honest Vegeta deserves to be the one to kill this powerful new Frieza after everything he's put Vegeta through. Okay okay okay I just went full on GEEK but I'm EXCITED!!!!! Get excited too and watch the trailer below!

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