HE SHE ME Agender a concept by Selfridges

Posted: Mar 16 2015

A few weeks ago we did a blog post about Selfridges new initiative to get rid of gendered sections in the store and just have one combined shopping experience for everyone. Now we see they've released a full video for it that features some of our ADEEN friends & family, model & actress Hari Nef stars in it with just about everyone else wearing Nico Panda which you can see below!

It looked sooooo good right? Dev Hynes (of Blood Orange) did such an amazing job on the music, and just everything about it was super great! I was so happy to see all of it being rolled out and given such a great visual to it all, we were just proud to be a part of the Selfridges family as they pushed this concept.

BUT! Little did we know that we were going to be a part of it as well! Thankfully we have friends who just so happen to be in London right now, and they happened to walk by the Selfridges window display and guess what they see in the window!?

We got our own placement in the window display for the amazing HE SHE ME Agender concept!!!!! AHhhhhhhhhh hahahaha I woke up to these in a text and I couldn't be happier or more excited or more proud! This is so so so so cool! We're in the window display for one of THE coolest stores in all of the UK for possibly the most forward thinking fashion move in recent memory! Super happy and thankful to have our name plastered on the window and have our Chomp hat right on display for everyone to see! Wish I was out there to see it myself but this is great for now haha Thanks to Andreas for sending over the pictures and making my day first thing in the morning! Everyone who's out there in the UK go check it out and take a selfie in front it and send it to us, or tag us on instagram haha 

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