ADEEN Snapback Hats Episode 9!

Posted: Mar 21 2015

The latest episode of ADEEN snapback hats are available right now in the online store! This episode I  decided to go for a mix of all of the previous episodes of the hats released. I mixed some of the simplicity of the Black & White hats (Episode 3) and the original ADN collection (Episode 1) with some new techniques of off centered placed acrylic plastic on the LOCO to give it an illusion of it casting a shadow. Using the multi layered style from the POSH hats (Episode 7) but giving both layers their own shape this time around with the WET hat. The same can be seen on the 777 & 666 hats but with opaque solid colored acrylic and mirrored contrast in the back ground. Check out some detailed shots of the new hats here and buy them on the online store now!

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  • Posted by djnoonkoon on April 20, 2015

    triplesevensnapback is awsome. I want want want

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