Madonna Fan Art Ft. ADEEN Shalom Hat!

Posted: Jun 23 2015

Sooooo if you guys didn't know, we somehow managed to land a hat on the legendary iconic queen of Pop Madonna in her latest music video for Bitch I'm Madonna! Not on one of the dancers or a background person but on the icon herself! Thanks to Arianne Philips and Laura Morgan for reaching out to us and working so hard to get our hat placed on her! It meant the world to see my hats immortalized on one of music's biggest stars ever, it truly was an amazing feeling! Not only that but also all of the fan art that only the last 15 seconds of the music video happened to inspire! Something about Madonna in that blue white & black snapback really resonated with people. Not even a week since the music video debuted & people are even painting murals of Madonna in our hat! Its amazing, thanks to these awesome artists & just everyone involved in ADEEN and making this happen! Feels great! 

and heres a screenshot from the video!



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