These are all pieces that have been used for stylist pulls, photo shoots/music videos, for a trade show display or have just been sitting around for a while. All are in great shape. They may have a scratch on the acrylic or a colorway we don't offer but everything is clean and not preowned. Hey, you never know, it could have been worn by Madonna, Anne Hathaway, Future...
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Acrylic cuffs S/M (sample) QUICK VIEW

Acrylic cuffs S/M (sample)

$ 25.00 $ 55.00

Stack them up, mix and match. These are fun, colorful layered acrylic cuffs. Hardware is stainless steel and aluminum.   More than 50% off retail p...
Conan necklace (sample) QUICK VIEW

Conan necklace (sample)

$ 35.00 $ 60.00

Remy's style inspiration Conan Edogawa wore a bow tie almost all the time. In homage to Conan we present the Conan bow tie necklace. Necklace can b...

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