Custom snapback

Design guidelines and pricing


The standard ADEEN cap is 3 or 4 letters. It is possible to have more than 4 letters/characters on a hat, but it will depend on the word(s) and actual design to know what is possible. Now as much as we know our ADEEN customer has a crazy and fun imagination & for sure you guys will come up with some amazing ideas! That being said, we strongly encourage you to have our designer Rembrandt Duran help you in curating your custom hat so we can minimize the cost for you and overall time it will take to get you the hat you've always wanted.

Ideas for customs ~ monogram initials, city abbreviation, airport code, area code, date or year. Keep in mind, most of the time, less is more and sometimes a minimal design in the right color(s) and font will be the best. It is, of course, up to you. Please email with any questions you have before starting a custom cap.


The base price of a custom cap is $200.00. Pricing depends on several factors, including, but not limited to, cap color, number of letters/characters, acrylic color and thickness. *Custom caps require a $100 deposit to begin work.  

Single layer acrylic w/existing ADEEN font

 An example of a $200.00 custom would be 3 letters in an existing font, with a single layer of 3/8” acrylic on a standard cap color with an ADEEN “shine” back charm. Each additional letter is an additional $8.00 up to 5 letters. For reference, some ADEEN caps with a single layer of acrylic are NYC, DEAD, LORD and MEOW (no mirror). It is possible for some of the other existing fronts to be resized to fit more letters but keep in mind, resizing will require some graphic work and will add to the cost.                                    

  • 3 letters = $200.00
  • 4 letters = $200 + $ 8.00
  • 5 letters = $200 + $16.00

  Multi-layer acrylic w/existing ADEEN font

 Any hat with mirrored acrylic or 2 layers of color. All hats with mirror has 2 layers. One layer of mirrored acrylic (1/8”) with a layer of transparent acrylic (1/4”) on top. The transparent layer protects the mirrored acrylic from getting scratched, fingerprints etc. Other dual layered acrylics are used to as a background to make fluorescent and transparent colors pop. These layers are 1/4” each. For reference, some ADEEN caps with multi-layer acrylic are both of our A D N caps and anything with a fluorescent color or mirrored acrylic.

  •  3 letters = $225.00
  • 4 letters = $225 + $ 15.00
  • 5 letters = $225 + $ 30.00

Custom fonts and art start at base cap price +$30.00 for design work depending on time spent and revisions asked for. It’s best to have a good idea of what you are looking to make or consult with our designer to minimize costs. Custom charms are an additional $10.00.

For some inspiration and ideas of what’s possible, have a look at the HARD cap, the POSH, 666 and 777 and close-up pictures of the LOCO. You are only limited by your imagination. Having inspiration photos and fonts can only help us to make your perfect cap.

  • Please note there are very few existing fonts that will fit 5 across. Examples of fonts that possibly fit 5 across are LORD, TRAP, HOOD and 1991. It really depends on the word/letters used.
  • Standard (stocked) colors are Black (wool blend), Red (wool blend), Grey (wool blend), bone White (wool blend), Navy (100% cotton) and bright White (100% cotton). Additional colors can be special ordered for a $15.00 surcharge (see color choices).
  • We reserve the right to refuse a design or design element we feel could be offensive. Custom ADEEN caps are not to be represented as collaborations with the brand. 
*Deposits are non-refundable

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