ADEEN Vol. 4 #LOSTFILES Look Book!


Welcome back to the ADEEN blog! Formerly known as ADEEN Magazine! For our first blog post we are revealing the (now scrapped) ADEEN Vol. 4 collection!

I want to give you a little background information on the collection before you check it out though. This was my first attempt at really following a theme and sticking true to the inspiration that moved me to design these garments. The main inspiration was the manga and anime Soul Eater and the characters of the show. Some other inspiration behind it were Morrigan and Lillith of Dark Stalkers. I took specific references for some of the characters and wanted to make cute fun colorful campy clothing for a spring summer vibe. To sort of create a very “Halloween In The Summertime” feel. But the trick was BECAUSE of the theme and the characters being monsters and Halloween/Horror themed, it became very difficult to (with the budget we had) make sure they did not come off as costume-y. Which, to me, I felt that I had accomplished. But i wasn’t entirely sure if it would read as well to the general public. Plus due to more budgeting issues, I had to cut the collection in half and not do any of the other accessories that I wanted to include into the collection. So the vision for it was almost cut in half. So if my vision for the collection had gone from 100 to about 65, I couldn’t expect people to see it and understand it as it was in my mind and in my eyes. If I was able to present 100% I knew people would be able to see my vision at about 70% at most. So at 65% people would only really see it at about 35% which to me was unacceptable. So after an entire summer of struggle and hard work and going insane to get this collection done, I decided to scrap it! I am not releasing any of the pieces shown in the images below. One day in the future when I have the funds to do so I will revisit the collection and release it the way it deserves to be show. I am designing an entire new Vol. 4 that will release for sale in the spring time, with half of the original Vol. 4 and half a brand new concept. I hope you guys enjoy the images and I hope you understand! Thank you to everyone who was involved with shooting the look book it came out amazing! Jeiroh, Sade, Elias, Yvette and Kacey! You guys really did an amazing job and I’m super happy with the images and how it came out!

Here are some specific examples of the references to the designs!

I hope you guys like the images!

Love you guys!

All images photographed and edited by Jeiroh Yanga, Modeled by Sade and Elias, all post edit art work done by Kacey Kal

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