#ADEENSTYLEFILES! December 8th shot by Milo Selchaif


Hey guys! Welcome back to my narcissism in blog form! Here I’ll do a weekly, sometimes bi weekly outfit of the day and talk about my mood and how it affects my style and just my overall view of style is at the time.

So this week I wanted to start off talking about my new hairstyle/look. I had been growing out my hair for quite sometime, and although I was really loving it and enjoying how long it was becoming, I felt like it was too pedestrian. By pedestrian I mean, not really anime weirdo enough haha like it was very NORMAL. I didn’t feel as happy or cool or interesting as I usually like to. I didn’t look like a CHARACTER you know? It was too safe, so I decided to dye it blue and start to braid the front! I’ve been obsessed with JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure now for a while and its characters, so Sandman came to mind immediately when I colored my hair. I knew I wanted to keep the length in the back so it was pretty much perfect! It was just crazy enough to be anime and not SUPER crazy to the point where it looked like a costume.

So for the outfit I wanted something very beige, very yellow but with a pop of color because what would a Hirohiko Araki inspired haircut without COLOR you know? So I added the Pendelton x Opening Ceremony (which I got on sale at the Barneys Warehouse Sale) jacket to the very yellow/beige tonal outfit. The whole outfit was pretty much based off of the Hair and Shirt, one of my favorite Ralph Lauren shirts. It went well with the Steel Ball Run character as the shirt was of horses and the plains of the midwest. I paired it with some yellow Cheap Monday jeans I got at the sale for $10! Added the Givenchy boots (which I got for 70% off btw) to blend it all together. Of COURSE I had to wear the 1 of 1 ADEEN vs. Gabriel Liberty Akuma Liberty Wide Brimmed hat, available here in other colors now! Hope you guys like the outfit and like the hair! I look forward to doing more of these soon! All photos taken by Milo Selchaif instagram: @MiloFynn Make sure to check out the rest of his work, hes great!


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