#ADEENLOSTFILES! Rembrandt Duran by Nate Davis


Over the summer I asked a friend of mine if we could shoot together because I had seen his work on his tumblr and it was really really really good! He worked with a lot of colors and the quality of his photographs were awesome. I knew he would understand what I wanted to do artistically and that if we worked together it wouldn’t be a clash of ideas. At the time I still hadn’t really discovered what my aesthetic was as strong as I do now. I wasn’t quite sure about what my art had matured and grown into yet, but Nate was willing to help me along with my quarter life artistic crisis. I was actually also going through a style transition. My style has grown since these photos and I can see where I was mentally and can see that these were a definite in between of me now, December 2014 Remy and 2012 – Summer of 2014 Remy. The difference between clinging on too much to what WAS working for me, and the want to evolve into doing more daring things and embracing myself and my artistic vision for myself. Now I KNOW it sounds like I’m getting entirely too deep into what may seem something as silly as the way I dress, but honestly its what keeps me sane! Getting dressed everyday can be stressful but when everything is all done and finished it can make me happy for the rest of the day. So here are some of my and Nate’s pictures, and I hope you all like! Nate and I will be working together again soon and I ALSO will be doing a blog post about highlighting his work cuz the shit is VERY poppin! Okay, enjoy!

Designer Rembrandt Duran

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